Bank Transfer Day

Happy Bank Transfer Day!

Coinciding with Guy Fawkes Day, thousands of people nationwide are withdrawing their funds from America’s biggest banks, those that Occupiers everywhere are protesting, and moving them to local banks or credit unions.

They’re doing so because these banks are posting record profits, paying huge bonuses, and charging new fees while unemployment, poverty, and anger are on the rise.

Below, via CNN, is a list of the top banks who received billion-dollar bailouts in 2008, and who paid that money back (highlighted in green):

Here’s a site to locate your nearest credit union, though not all of them engage in consumer-friendly practices.

BusinessWeek was nice enough to list some tips for the transition.

If you can’t find a credit union close, or if you’re looking for another avenue to protest the biggest banks, see below:

As he says, though, none of this is a substitute for taking your resentment to the streets.

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