Occupy Trenton Statehouse™

Brought to you by MoveOn.org I wasn’t expecting much of today’s rally at the Trenton Statehouse, ostensibly in solidarity with November 17 Occupy rallies across the country, most prominently in New York. It was cold, rainy, and noon on a weekday, and Occupy Trenton’s encampment was rather paltry. But I was expecting something. Trenton is the state capital, after all. New Jersey has suffered from … Continue reading Occupy Trenton Statehouse™

Bank Transfer Day

Happy Bank Transfer Day!

Coinciding with Guy Fawkes Day, thousands of people nationwide are withdrawing their funds from America’s biggest banks, those that Occupiers everywhere are protesting, and moving them to local banks or credit unions.

They’re doing so because these banks are posting record profits, paying huge bonuses, and charging new fees while unemployment, poverty, and anger are on the rise. Continue reading “Bank Transfer Day”

Lessons from Occupy Boston

Photo by Sierra Fuller
Occupy Boston // Photo by Sierra Fuller

Above is my sister’s photo of Monday’s Occupy Boston, which made excellent use of the dozens of colleges in a close area to bring student contigents together, amplifying the protest numbers to a few thousand – a good reminder that student activists are almost always major factors in social movements.

The mood was peaceful and energetic throughout the afternoon, but took a tense and confrontational turn later that night, when Boston police stormed Dewey Square – which seems to be the core encampment for the Boston demonstrators – to arrest 141 protesters who refused to leave, the “largest mass detention in recent memory.”

Among those thrown into squad cars for civil disobedience were Veterans for Peace. One U.S.  veteran, Rachel McNeill claimed police dragged her by the throat. Continue reading “Lessons from Occupy Boston”