Selection day

Early reports tell me that these fuckers trade portions of power back and forth to give alternating factions of Americans the recurring delusion that they retain the capacity for meaningful change while funneling their money ever upward into the pockets and offshore accounts of bankers, multinationals, and increasingly private security forces, but check back every few years for a more expensive update. Back to you. … Continue reading Selection day

Hillary Clinton’s Justice

Following the fall of Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s “Coalition of the Youth of the 25 January Revolution” refused an invitation to meet with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “due to her negative stance towards the revolution during its inception and the approach of the US Administration towards the Middle East Region” that rendered her subsequent invitation hypocritical and opportunist.

We should learn something from their remarks.

Hillary Clinton, as I suppose is part of her job description, has been repeatedly criticized for hypocrisy, on topics ranging from Internet freedom, selective prosecution, and the use of cluster bombs (which I wrote about here).

Today we have yet another issue to add to that list: summary execution. Continue reading “Hillary Clinton’s Justice”

Ron Paul and the Short Term

I recently stumbled upon this April, 2011, Charles Davis post, entitled “I’ll take the reactionary over the murderer, thanks,” in which he decimates the liberal argument that, compared to Obama, Ron Paul is a corporate shill who will send the country back a few decades (or more).

As the title indicates, Davis argues we should be far more concerned with Obama’s murderous foreign policy – the one that kills innocent civilians, shields torturers from accountability, and starts wars of aggression destined to incur blowback – than with Paul’s freewheelin’ capitalism that would allow big corporations to control the government. Two reasons: Paul vows to totally reverse that murderous foreign policy, and the liberal criticism of Paul is already our current status quo under Obama. Read the post; Davis fleshes the argument out well. Not to mention Paul’s plan to end the disastrous war on drugs, crippling the poor for a senseless puritanical fantasy.

The point is, you can’t tout your progressive values and continue to think that Obama is going to act in your interests more than Ron Paul, because that’s not only false, but the exact opposite is true.[1]

That all sounds pretty convincing. But my qualm with the piece is how it lays this all out in depth and detail, and yet dismisses the argument’s logical conclusion: voting for Ron Paul. Continue reading “Ron Paul and the Short Term”