Poem: Tributary

I have lusted after rivers etching Picassos into hillsides, mapping a handvein future we won’t understand until it’s history. I’ve been lured downwind and downslope, fumbling across moss rocks and pebblebrook to be enveloped in a tributary’s yawn. I’ve made withdrawals from riverbanks that I can never repay, save for deposits of flat stones I’ve taught loved ones to skip softly. and when it was … Continue reading Poem: Tributary

Poem: Mantras

i’m eating a donut in the shower and reciting your poetry like a spell, hoping desperately to conjure your amused apparition halfway through your chapbook i can see your edges, a chalk outline that fled its inceptive scene your stanzas mark time on a calendar less gregorian than lunisolar, tracking the full moons since we fell in love— and look how far the dippers have … Continue reading Poem: Mantras