Mourning Phase

Beck has learned to say goodbye, he’s endured i-so-la-tion, someone or he himself remains unforgiven. He may have dropped the “u” for the title, but in his Morning Phase, Beck is grieving. He’s also slowly resigning himself to the consistency of change, and his new album is gorgeous and sad and comforting all at once.

Morning, sunrise, and “waking light” all herald CHANGE in big — if fuzzy — letters. Something is new. She is gone. The bed is bigger and colder and your arms feel weirdly long when you don’t need them to wrap someone else closer. Continue reading “Mourning Phase”

Mourning Phase

2011 albums

posting for posterity: the 2011 albums I’ll want to remember – album names link to a favorite song from that cd

war on drugs // slave ambient

cults // cults

adele // 21

fleet foxes // helplessness blues

bon iver // bon iver

the decemberists // the king is dead

beyonce // 4

st. vincent // strange mercy

das racist // relax

radiohead // the king of limbs

wilco // the whole love

wild flag // wild flag

tune-yards // whokill

tom waits // bad as me

feist // metals

dawes // nothing is wrong

2011 albums